• New Castle Great Island Common

    Perhaps one of the most photographed locations on the New Hampshire Seacoast this was taken at the Great Islands Common. The painting frame makes a perfect foreground and the background is a sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. To take this picture one needs to rise early but the views it provides are well worth it.

  • Thompson Hall

    Dimly lit in the moonlight this is Thompson Hall at the University of New Hampshire. Thompson Hall is named after Benjamin Thompson who bequeathed the land the University now sits upon.

  • Cologne Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial

    This image was taken in Cologne Germany near the Hohenzollern Bridge. It is a memorial to Kaiser Wilhelm, the first German emperor. The cirrocumulus clouds make a perfect backdrop against the emperor.

  • Scammell Bridge Sunset

    Perhaps my favorite picture, this is of a sunset over the Great Bay near the Scammell Bridge. It was take at the pull off on the Durham side of the bridge as I was looking for the perfect location to snap a picture of this perfect sunset.